Health Hazards Found with Electric Cigarettes

One may notice the growing interest in electronic cigarettes even though there are just a few specifics provided regarding their health risks to the people today. In almost every shopping mall in the United States, these products are around every corner for purchase to individuals. Precisely how safe might these new releases be in actuality?

As a way to address the issue, the analysts at the University of California have examined five e-cigarette manufacturers. They were able to realize that several design flaws and health issue concerns were identified with these new items. They then had figured that the electronic cigarettes were possibly damaging to individuals and has then prompted to have them taken out on the market.

Not unlike the traditional cigarettes that burn off tobacco, these electronic items are effective at vaporizing nicotine in addition to the other materials. It will come out in the type of aerosol which is achieved by means of heating and does not produce toxic elements that are created by tobacco. Facts about the harmful chemicals seen in aerosol vapors are non-existent nevertheless.

Due to this, there are numerous people who have viewed the electronic cigarettes as a less hazardous alternative to standard cigarettes. There hasn’t been a scientific study yet which shows the safety of the merchandise. One research verified that it had design flaws that could be the cause of severe health conditions.

Even though there are concerns with regards to their health threats, e-cigarettes are not yet banned completely. They have been prohibited in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Canada nowadays.

Every one of the individual e-cigarettes are well-known to have a wider range of nicotine levels see the v2 cigs review for more detailed levels and percentages, even when they are labeled as a light dose. Minor quality control happens to be applied to the additives which is used in the flavoring.

These day there are many nations today who may have had their regulatory boards picking out how they should identify these products and ensure quality. An increasingly volatile battle continues to be growing between the standard cigarette brands and the electronic cigarette industry today. Consumer loyalty isn’t the only battle here. The electric brands are eager to their very own goods labeled as a tobacco product through court battles at the same time.

When compared with smoke, the product of tobacco and that is nicotine is pretty safe. This element has made many individuals hooked on the substance and use of tobacco. Sucking in the cigarette smoke is probably the factors behind harm here.

In the pure state that nicotine can be, it is relatively harmless once obtained from tobacco. Cigarette smoking doses are led towards the lungs as individuals breathe in with the cigarette through aerosol gases.

The electronic cigarettes are inhalers and make use of small batteries to heat liquid nicotine directly into watery vapor. The vapor will contain water flavoring and propylene glycol which is a solution. Knowing the health results of these items are going to take some time as they are somewhat new in the marketplace. There ought to still be considerable medical testing applied first although this leaves many individuals with open queries. Many brands are making ecigs now sexy with new fashion accessories vapor couture is one such brand. Get discounts on ecig fashion accessories with vapor couture coupon code.

RJ Reynolds Wants to Eliminate Ecig Competitors

It is obvious from the comment of RJ Reynolds to the proposed ecigarette regulations of the FDA that it wants its ecig competitors to be eliminated.

Ban Open System Ecig Sales

On RJ Reynolds’ comment, it said that there are open-system ecig manufacturers that are growing in numbers. These open system ecig manufacturers include those from China that make aerosol tanks and retail vape shops in the US that are selling, mixing, and compounding flavored eliquid solutions that may be used with different aerosol tanks.

The Big Tobacco Company stated that the nature of these open system products make them vulnerable to adulteration, poor quality control and tampering that are not exhibited by any tobacco product. These open system vapor products are widely variable in terms of compatibility with other parts so it is not clear how the products could gain approval from the agency. Thus, RJ Reynolds suggested that the final rule of the FDA should include ban on the sale of these products.

Incapacity to Compete In the Current Market

According to Greg Conley, President of the American Vaping Association, the call of RJ Reynolds for the FDA to ban most of the products in the market is an admission of the tobacco company that it just cannot compete in the present market of ecigs. Recent reports show that the open –system ecig sales are booming while sales of the closed system ecig or cigalikes that RJ Reynolds and other tobacco companies sell have been in a stand still.

The corporate motto of RJ is to Transform Tobacco. Yet, it holds its core values and transforms itself into a technology company from a tobacco company. It prefers that the FDA favor it and ban its ecig competitors. From the way things are going, it appears as if the FDA has already decided to befriend its enemy, Big Tobacco, by offering it protection against its competitors. Even before the proposals were announced, the agency has already announced that to intend to treat ecigarettes are tobacco products. If such policies are implemented, ecigs will lose the appeal and smokers/vapers will just remain/go back to smoking cigarettes. In the end, Big Tobacco will still be the ultimate winner and the public is the ultimate loser.

Disastrous Effects on Public Health

Conley stated that ecuig user surveys have been constantly showing that vapers using refillable open system products have higher possibility to be smoke-free than those who use cigalikes. Banning the Open-system products will only leave the cigalikes in the market that are hardly making the switch to vaping satisfactory. If this happens the public health will experience such disastrous impact.

The dissatisfaction from Big Tobacco’s cigalikes might lead to two possible scenarios. Either vapers go back to smoking cigarettes or otherwise law-abiding people will seek the black market for the supplies they need. Black market products are known for their much poorer quality that could further endanger consumer health.

In the US, there are still 40 million people who smoke cigarettes and 400,000 people die due to the smoke-related diseases each year. Advanced products are definitely needed.

Conley added that they also encourage FTC or Federal Trade Commission to consider whet RJ Reynolds wants to happen. It is very apparent it wants to see its ecigarette competitors banned. The FTC must carefully consider if the major tobacco merger between RJ and Lorillard should be approved or not.

About AVA

It is a no-profit organization that supports and promotes the rapidly growing industry of vaping and ecigs. The association is dedicated to the education of the government officials and the public on the piling evidences supporting that electronic cigarettes are tobacco harm reduction products that could efficiently help smokers in smoke cessation.

Is V2 Electric Cigs Genuinely Better Than Blu Ecigs?

Understanding If Blu E-Cigs Improves On V2 Ecigarettes Should this be the first time you’re trying out e cigarettes, It is advisable to begin with mini ecigs. Minis appear almost exactly like actual cigarettes, from size and shape up to the glowing tip. Blu Electronic Cigarettes and V2 Electronic Cigarettes are namely the most popular brands in electronic cigarettes right now. Let's consider them side by side so that you can compare their features and choose the best selection for you.

Power Supply

Programmed batteries are available from Blu Electric Cigarettes while V2 Electronic Cigarettes offers both manual and automatic to clients. These automated e-cigs will just let folks puff and move. The consumer must first press a small button from a manual battery in order for it to function. This could not be a smooth motion but the need to press a button might actually mean that an individual may get better vapors.

Three types of Blu E-Cigarettes batteries are available nowadays which is the Premium 100, Premium and Original. The Premium and Original batteries are able to generate up to 100 puffs for each charge. Even though the Premium 100 batteries last longer, the ones from V2 Electronic Cigarettes are still better when compared with them.

Light smokers are able to pull around four hours out from a Blu battery, but heavy tobacco users usually drain it within just 2 hours. There are some users from Blu Ecigarettes that have made note of their battery dying out in just several draws and having to have to wait an hour for it to charge fully.

V2 battery packs come in three sizes: short (160+ puffs), standard (200+ puffs), and long (300+ puffs). A V2 battery power that is fully charged could last around 5 hours for heavy smokers, to a few days for irregular smoking. There were users which took them 2-3 cartridges before their battery packs went dry. The batteries from V2 usually takes 1-2 hours to charge totally.


The e-liquid on the cartridges of Blu E Cigs are created by Johnson Creek. Choose between seven delicious tastes such as Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, and Classic Tobacco. Additionally, there are various nicotine strength amounts that people can pick here.

Original and Premium tubes contain the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes while Premium 100 cartridges equal about 1.5 packs.

The cartomizer in V2 Electronic Cigs can last about 150-200 puffs which is similar to 20-30 cigarettes.

The organization makes their own e-liquid in the process which will result in less bills for people that wish to refill.

V2 E Cigs is extremely pleased to say they are the most dependable provider today which is the reason why they constantly test their e-liquid batches and release all of the results throughout the web. Folks that would like to understand what is inside their formula may also download their list inside their site.

Novice Packages along with Throw Aways

Throw away items are provided by both V2 Ecigarettes in addition to Blu E Cigs. Non reusable electronic cigarettes from Blu Ecigs last as much as 400 puffs while those from V2 can produce around 450.

For individuals who are serious in switching up e-cigarettes, getting a starter kit with all of the vaping requirements is crucial.

The six varieties of starter kits offered by V2 Electric Cigs are made to be able to match different budgets and styles of people.

Blu Electric Cigarettes simply offers one type of core kit for each of the Original, Premium, and Premium 100 battery types.

Just about all Blu Ecigarettes kits are sent with a Blu Pack – Blu Ecigarettes' revolutionary mobile battery charger. Precisely the same size and shape of a flip-top box, the Blu Pack operates both as an on-the-go charger and a storage unit for your extra electric batteries and cartridges.

A 30 day money-back guarantee is included for all of the novice kits furnished by these manufacturers. The manufacturer's warranty from V2 E-Cigarettes may last for a lifetime while Blu Ecigarettes provides only a year in its warranty.


The expense in maintaining a pack of V2 Electric Cigs might retain as low as $1.49 while Blu E Cigs will likely be at $1.92. Even though the difference is not that big for a few, cartridge refilling is going to help people save much more if they go with V2 Ecigs in the long term.

At a cost of $29.95, people could possibly get a 50ml bottle of e-liquid from V2 Electronic Cigs which can be equal to that of 50 packs of traditional cigarettes!

At $24.95, folks can get reasonably priced starter kits if they pick V2 E-Cigarettes. More details can most definitely be determined at V2 coupon codes or V2 Cig coupon code. The least expensive starter kit made available from Blu Cigs is at $69.95. Looking for additional data on blu Ecigs? It's best to check out BluCigs coupon codes.

Bottom Line

Those people who are curious about e-cigarettes will see Blu Electronic Cigarettes an ideal option. For the reason that they look and taste just like real cigarettes and nothing new is needed to be learned for them to enjoy this. Their Blu Pack is specially accurate as they imitate the look and function of flip top boxes nowadays. It is all totally good with Blu Electric Cigs products with the exception of its low quality battery.

Alternatively, V2 E-Cigarettes offers the highest quality and the best price ratio that anyone can get. V2 Electric Cigarettes is seen as a better choice within the electronic cigarette industry because of its low price, better options and more robust gases.